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Having your first pelvic exam can make you nervous.  Its important that you chose a doctor that you're comfortable with.  You need to be able to ask questions and get answers that you can understand.  Its more important that your doctor understands you and is patient with you rather than be the same sex as you.  Many people have had bad experiences their first time because they weren't careful in choosing their doctor.  Please read some of the experiences that girls have had and then provide your own.  Be honest and take a few minutes to do it.  It may help some other girl who was just as nervous as you were!

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July 8, 2012

The first part of my exam started out as a general exam--she checked my heart, lungs, skin, ears and throat. She then proceeded to do a breast exam, which had two parts. First, I had to sit up so she could look at my breasts; and second, she had me lay back on the table so she could feel my breasts and check my nipples for discharge. For my pelvic, she did both the speculum and bimanual exam, along with the Pap. I had some cramping when she did part of the Pap, as well as some pain at my vaginal opening when she opened the speculum. Both parts went by really quickly and I was surprised that I wasn't more tense when she examined me.

The doctor had good bedside manners. As I recall, the fact that I knew him and his family from church, I believe helped me relax. Since the doctor explained what he was going to do and the manner in which he explained it, helped make me less embarrassed. The nurse also told me that she has the same procedure done, which again helped me relax. Again this all occurred nearly 20 years ago so I'm relying strictly on memory. I laid flat on my back while he examined my breasts, abdomen and glands. As I recall the nurse helped me turn on my right side while the doctor listened to my heart and lungs. The examination of my external genitals and the bimanual exam was previously discussed with my mother, so it was expected. I should state that my mother had a pelvic exam or possibly many by the same doctor. Even though the doctor explained that he would do a rectal exam, it was uncomfortable. The speculum exam was explained to me again before he inserted the instrument so I had no uneasiness. Nothing else really stands out in my memory.

May 10, 2012

It was really weird. It was almost surrealistic. At 9:00 I am sitting in math class. At 11:00, I am thirty miles away from home, sitting naked in a gown with a drape over my privates, wondering if I had washed down below that morning. Fifteen minutes later, I'm naked from the waist up and a strange man is feeling and commenting on the size and shape of my breasts. I had never seen stirrups extended before and I really didn't have a clue what was coming. The nurse helped me into the stirrups and the doctor moved my hips down to the edge of the table before he removed my drape. My mom actually moved so she could watch the exam. The doctor kept telling me to relax and that I might feel some pressure or discomfort. It took four tries to get the smallest speculum in. The smear test with the brush was painful. The two fingers in my vagina were tough to take, but the fingers up my butt were just too much. Now remember that I have never had anything in either hole before that minute. He kept telling my mom how small and tight my butthole was. It wasn't tight enough to keep from fingering it three times and putting that big steel thing up inside me. To add insult to injury, mom took me back to school and told everybody in the office that I had had a full gyn exam. I sat in the office the rest of the day as lube oozed out of my vagina and butthole onto my panties.

April 17, 2012

I was taken to the exam room with my mom.   My history was taken and the nurse told me to take  everything off and she started to prep things for my exam.   My mom helped me undress and put on the paper top.  I sat on the table and the nurse checked my vitals.When the doctor came in, he had the nurse get the stirrups out.

The doctor had me lie back and did a breast exam.  Then the doctor had me put my feet in the stirrups and told me to spread my legs wide open.  He checked me out and then inserted a speculum and opened it wide.  It was uncomfortable and I felt very exposed.  The nurse and my mom stood behind the doctor and watched everything.  After the speculum was removed, the doctor inserted his fingers way up into my vagina and felt my abdomen with his other hand.  After he was done, he removed his fingers.  I had KY jelly all over, even in my pubic hair.  He gave me a tissue to wipe with everyone watching me.

I thought it was finally over when told me to stand up.  The doctor had me turn around and face the table.  I was then told to kneel on the table and lean forward and put my elbows down on the table.  As I leaned forward the gown would not stay closed and my breasts were exposed and in this position my bottom was sticking up and my legs were apart.   I was so humiliated.  There was no part of me that was not exposed to everyone in the room.  The doctor inserted a scope into my rectum,  then removed it and inserted his finger and pushed it deep inside my rectum.  It felt like his finger was a foot long and he used a huge glob of KY that was all over me again.  During the rectal exam i felt like i was going to have a bowel movement.  The feeling was very strong.  The exam was finally over I was given another tissue to wipe again in front of everyone.  I got dressed as the doctor talked to my mom about the exam.  As we walked out of the office I could feel how red my face was and I felt the people in the waiting room all knew what had just happened in the exam room.  As we walked to the car I could feel my pants were wet from all the KY jelly that was pushed up inside me.  I couldn't wait to get home and get cleaned up.


After checking my vitals and listening to my lungs and heart, the doctor examined my breasts while I was sitting at the end of the exam table and told me to do self-examination of my breasts periodically to check for any lumps or growths. Then the nurse raised the upper part of the table to a 45 degree angle and instructed me to lie down on the pillow that was there. She assisted me to put my feet in the stirrups and scoot my bottom down to the edge of the table. The doctor examined my external genital area by feeling around my labia, clitoris, the entrance to my urethra and some glands by my vagina. He told me that these glands secreted a lubricant which helped lubricate the vagina during sexual intercourse. Next he got a clear plastic speculum and slowly inserted it into the vagina. After it was in the proper position, he opened the blades of the speculum so that he could view my cervix. He inserted a couple of swabs through the speculum to take samples of my cervix I guess to send to a medical lab to see if I had cervical cancer or other problems. Then he closed the blades and withdrew the speculum. Next the nurse put some KY jelly on two of his fingers on his gloved right hand and he inserted them into my vagina. He felt around to see if there were any problems. Next he left his fingers in there and used his left hand to feel the area just above my pubic area. He said that he was checking my fallopian tubes and ovaries to see if they were normal and to see if I was experiencing any tenderness. Then he withdrew his fingers and I thought we were finished with the exam. But the nurse put some more lubricant on his right index finger. He smeared some of it on my anus and then pushed his finger into my rectum. He twisted his finger around feeling all the walls of the rectum. Then he pushed his finger in even further and used his left hand to feel my internal female organs. He noted that he was doing this to check on my uterus to see if it was the normal size and in the right position. This was quite uncomfortable to me. Then he withdrew his finger from my rectum and said that everything seemed to be normal. He left the room and the nurse gave me some tissue to wipe away the excess KY jelly from my vagina and rectal area. I quickly got dressed and left the dressing room. The receptionist at the front desk told me that the doctor would call me once the lab test results were back from the Pap smear if he found any abnormalities. However, he never did call so I assumed that everything was all right.

I was told to undress and lie on the chair. I spread my legs putting them in the stirrups. She inserted a speculum in my vagina. It was cold but it didn't bother me. When she opened it felt a bit strange, but it didn't hurt. She then looked a few moments into the vagina and then pulled the speculum out. Then she inserted a finger into my vagina and gently palpitated my abdomen. It didn't hurt at all and she was nice but I felt strange because somehow I had to go because I needed birth control pills. And I'm very shy.

The nurse brought me back into the exam room and took my vitals and history, then he (a male nurse) excused himself and told me to take all my clothes off while he was gone. I stripped naked and sat on the exam table, and it seemed like a long wait, maybe ten minutes. The doctor (a woman) came in followed by the same nurse, she examined me from head to toe while he assisted her, i.e. took notes, handed her instruments, etc. He never seemed to look at me and I was very comfortable after a couple minutes, it didn’t' even feel like I was naked because they didn't make any deal out of it. I think I would have felt more exposed in a gown that was constantly being raised or lowered. Just being nude and accepting it was surprisingly easy.

The doctor was my child doctor who I had seen since I was little. He is a small town doctor. He came in and took my sheet and through it in the hamper. The whole exam was with me in the nude in front of him and his older nurse and my Mom. When I saw him at church the next Sunday he smiled at me. I was so embarrassed.

My mother, an OB/GYN nurse had prepared me well including let me observe one of her exams shortly before my first one. I knew what was going to happen but the feelings, emotional and physical, were new. I am not exactly looking forward to my next one, but will go without trepidation.

Doctor first examined my breasts while I was sitting up, then had me lie down and examined them again, then did pelvic, then I was done!

I was taken into a small room where a nurse took all of my regular signs then was given a gown and told to undress with my underwear off but I could leave my socks on because the room was a bit cold. I waited until I met the dr. Then the real fun began. The doctor spoke with me for a few moments before he lowered the bed. he asked a few questions and then asked me to lie back and relax as much as possible. he placed my knees in the leg rests which made me feel very embarrassed because I was exposed to a complete stranger. He covered me with a drape as he was putting the gloves on and warming everything. He gently began the exam and spoke with me the entire time. After the standard exam stuff was over he explained to me that he felt something under my cervix that he could not feel completely. He then asked me if he could do a full rectal exam. One with me still in the stirrups as he had one hand in my rectum and the other in my vagina (I felt a ton a pressure!) then after that he lowered the leg rests and had me lie on my side and he lubricated his fingers and placed some sort of speculum in my rectum to open me up even wider. Unfortunately this was very painful. My doctor was very understanding and took his time. I know it sounds bad but it really wasn’t just the ending was a bit rough but he saved my life!

Started out very embarrassing, but the Dr. was pretty cool with me and my dad by the time it was over.

She explained what would be done, and how the exam checked for various abnormalities, and allowed me to look in and see my feminine parts. Then, told me she would put a finger in my rectum, did it, and I had no opportunity to voice any objection. That part felt violating.

Was asked to adopt different positions, on my back, bent over and stood up whilst i was examined. doctor used several fingers and 3-4 different medical devices. He was very thorough and took his time to do his job properly and not rush through it.

I had to take of my pants and slip. The doctor came into the room and wanted to exam my breast first. I move my shirt and bra up and the doctor examined my breast. Than I had to sit down on the examination chair and had to put my legs in some kind of holder. The doctor started to exam my genitals. He check the labia first and inserted a speculum afterwards. After the pap smear was taken he performed a bimanual exam.

On the day my husband of 2 weeks and 3 days drove me to the doctors. We saw the receptionist. Then I was shown to a small room. Where I was told to take all of my cloths off and to put this paper gown thing on. My husband was with me in the room. He helped me to undress and to put the gown on. I was nervous. Then I was shown into another room. I was then told to get up onto this sort of table covered with a white sheet. I reluctantly got onto this thing. I had to lie down on my back. I really got worried when they put my feet up in the stirrups. Then I had to wriggle down the table so that my private parts were there for this doctor. He examined my breasts. Then my belly. Then he did the, internal on me. I was so embarrassed. Lying there having that done too, me. my husband was in the room with me while all of it was being done. Having to have that metal speculum pushed inside me was awful.

Not much to tell, doctor did a thorough exam, found no problems.

I was very nervous about the entire thing and was embarrassed that someone was looking down there.

The doctor did a breast exam first and showed me how to do a self-exam. She then helped put my feet in the stirrups, and explained what the pelvic exam would consist of. She was extremely thorough with the external exam, and I felt slightly embarrassed. The speculum was next, and was quite uncomfortable. But, the pap smear was obtained without a hitch. She then inserted 2 fingers into my vagina in order to examine my reproductive organs. It felt kind of weird when she pushed down on my lower stomach to feel my ovaries. Last but not least, she performed a dreaded rectal exam. That was the least fn; but at least it was quick!

Being 14, I really didn't know much about a full exam. A few of my friends had had them and all they told were horror stories. So I was plenty scared when I went in. It was a school day, a Thursday morning. Mom took me to a public health clinic that did first time teen exams on Thursday morning. After all of the paper work and a urine sample, I was taken to an exam room. The nurse weighed and measured my height . She then sent me to a curtained area, handed me a drape, and said "I need all of clothes off for your exam." I went behind the curtain and slowly took off my clothes. When I came out from behind the curtain, the nurse was putting an under pad on the table and extending the stirrups. A series of duck-billed silver things, a tube of K-Y Jelly, and some gloves were laid out on the tray next to the table. A few minutes later, a middle aged bald guy entered the room and introduced himself as the doctor. He looked at my chart and then told the nurse to expose me to the waist. He listen to my heart, felt my neck, a did a breast exam both sitting up and lying down. Then he told the nurse to expose me from the navel down and position me in the stirrups. While this was going on he asked me about my periods, discharge, urinary, and bowel habits. Then as he sat down between my legs, he asked me if I had emptied my bladder and if I had had a bowel movement that morning. He began to examine my outer genitals and my anus. He inserted one finger into my vagina. Then he picked a speculum, coated it with K-Y and told me to breath deeply. I felt the cold steel enter me and then I felt the instrument begin to open. I would not describe it as painful, but really uncomfortable. He shined a light inside of me then took some fluid samples and did a Pap smear with a brush. He took the speculum out and then did a Bi-manual exam with two fingers of his left hand. I am sure that he was only inside of me for less than a minute, but it seemed much longer. He told me to relax and keep my buttocks down on the table. After the bimanual, he regloved, put some K-Y on my anus and without telling me did an exam of my vagina and rectum. He finished the exam with a rectal exam with his middle finger pushed way up into me. That was the most uncomfortable part of the exam. The nurse handed me some wet wipes to wipe off the excess K-Y Jelly. He told me I could get dress and that I was very healthy. He said he would see me in a year. But he wouldn't, because the next year I convinced my mom to take me to a private gyno in town and that is where I have gone ever since.

The doctor came in and took off his coat and rolled up his sleeves. He did my breasts first and then had the nurse help me get into the stirrups. It wasn't that bad, but when he did the part where he used his fingers, he came around to my side and did it. That was not what I was expecting. I just felt very naked and embarrassed because he was a family friend.

I went in and they did a breast exam and it was way embarrassing. then i got into the stirrups and they did all the normal things. bimanual, speculum, and things like that. then i was about to get dressed and they decided they were going to do a rectal exam. they made me lay on the table with my butt in the air and my elbows supporting me on the table. They put their fingers and a metal thing into my anus. It was horrible.

He made me take off my underwear then he raised my gown all the way up to below my breast he pulled my legs apart and used a standing lamp to shine between my legs. i was very scared when he first touched me. he told me to relax and he inserted 2 fingers in it felt uncomfortable and i squeaked a little when he pressed down on my lower abdomen. He then took out his fingers and replaced it with a speculum. Finally he did a rectal.

The doctor escorted me to the room and my mom waited in the waiting room. he opened the door and let me in and gave me a paper gown to change into. a female nurse then came in after a while and told me i was going to get 3 enemas. at the time a had no idea what it was, but she explained it to me. she told me to lay on my left side and rise my right leg up to my chest, i did so. she lubricated her finger and stuck it deep into my rectum.  She moved her finger around, lubricating me on the inside. she then told me that she was going to insert the nozzle. i had no idea how that big thing was going to fit! then, reluctantly, it was inserted and inflated to the max. the water then started to flow in.  About 1/3 of the way through she told me to turn on my stomach, and then on my right side. then after holding it for about 10-15 minutes a was all-out to go to the bathroom. this happened 2 other times until i was fully cleared out. then a male doctor came in the room and told me to get on my knees and elbows for a rectal exam. he lubricated my rectum the same way and inserted the proctoscope. he looked around for a while, it was very uncomfortable. finally he removed it and told me to turn around on my back and to put my feet in the stirrups. he moved my butt down so it was ascending over the edge of the table. he first looked around on the outside and then stuck his fingers inside, touching my stomach as he did so. then a rectovaginal exam was preformed this was very uncomfortable because of the enemas and rectal exam. then finally he inserted the speculum and opened the wings as far as he could and looked into my vagina with and light, also a pap spear was done. he removed the speculum and i was allowed to put my clothes back on. Then i was done!

After I undressed completely the nurse took my weight and asked some questions to my Mom then gave me a sheet to cover up with. then the Doctor came in and my Mom said I needed a check up and then he took away my sheet and through it in the hamper. He said we wouldn't need to cover up with him checking everything on me. He then did check everything and seemed to go way to slow for me it seemed like it took forever for him to examine me. I was so embarrassed and shaking a little . I felt so exposed being naked in front of my Mom and Doctor for almost 45 minutes. I told Mom I never wanted to go back. But I had to for school things

My mom didn't explain anything at all. I was taken out of school and taken home. She told me that I was seeing a special doctor and she gave me a fleet enema. At the doctors office, mom filled out paper work After about 30 minutes I was taken to a nursing station and weighed and measured. The nurse asked me about my periods. I told her about the pain and the bleeding. I went back to the waiting room with mom. I just thought he would give me pills or something. The same nurse called me back and to us to an exam room. After my blood pressure was checked, the nurse said. "All of your clothes off including your bra and under panties, and put on this gown. I stripped behind a curtain and got on the table. After the breast and abdomen exam, I was on my back on the exam table with my gown raised to expose me to the waist. The doctor did a speculum exam with pap smear, a pelvic exam, a vaginal-rectal exam, and last but not least a full rectal exam. he was not very gentle and the exam really hurt more than it should. I have to go back for another full exam in six months.

I went in, they took my temperature and my medical history and then I took off my clothes and put on a gown and a couple of minutes later the doc came in. he did breast exam, then checked my abdomen, then pulled out the stirrups. I put my feet in them and spread out really wide and then the doc put in his fingers and speculum and then I was told I was done so I could get dressed. so I got off and went to get dressed but then the doc forgot about the rectal so I was told to lie on my back and bring my knees to my chest and he stuck his finger in my bottom

I went into the room and the nurse came in and me and my mom were sitting there and she told me to undress and gave me nothing and nowhere to do it because she and my mom were still in the room. while I was undressing the doctor opened the door and walked in so everyone outside could have seen me as well. so then it stared... I said I had a cold and I was standing there naked and then he said he would have to examine me completely to see what was wrong... he started with the vitals.... BP in both my arms and legs as well as my temp in my butt... while I was sitting on the table naked. then he looked in my eyes/ ears/ nose/ so on while I was naked and the nurse and my mom were still in the room. lymph nodes/ axilia/ so on.... then he stuck the tongue depressor really deep in my throat and looked around and stuck the thing in my nose again to see where my cold came from. then my eyes and then he decided to move on to my lungs and breathing I guess so he started palpating and eve palpated on my breasts. then e he listened all over while I breathed and it wouldn't have been awkward if I wants naked.... then he started squeezing and feeling my breasts... he then went to my abdomen and felt it for a long time and listened to it and felt for pulses in my pelvic area... again completely naked....... then I guess he started the pelvic exam because I was told to sit and spread my legs apart.... then lay down and put me in the stirrups while he poked and prodded all parts of my pelvis... then e stuck a cold speculum in my vagina and started doing a bunch of pap smears and shining flashlights down there.... again completely naked... no bra or anything.... then he stuck fingers in my vagina and felt around forever.... then I was told to flip over and spread my legs apart and then he stuck his finger in my rectum... then he watched me redress and told me to take cold medicine

My mom tried to explain what was going to happen. She gave me a fleet enema before we went to the office. I had to have blood work and a urine test. There were other girls my age or around my age in the office. I was called back and weighted and had my blood pressure taken. I was asked to undress and put on a gown. The doctor came in and asked quite a few questions. Then he did a breast exam both sitting up and lying down. I slid down on the table and my gown was raised to my chest. While I had been naked for exams with my pediatrician in the past, this was different. He checked my outer lips and then inserted on finger in my vagina.  He then inserted the speculum...cold and metal. I felt really stretched. He shined a light in my vagina. He then did a pap smear. He took the speculum out and then he did the two finger pelvic exam. He also did an exam with a finger in my vagina and one in my rectum. That one really hurt. He finished with a one finger rectal exam. I ended up having to have more tests including one in the x-ray department of the hospital where they put a probe up into my vagina. Most of my friends have never had a pelvic exam. Many have had rectal exams. But even the ones that have had pelvics say mine was more complicated.

Doctor asked me question....asked me to open my gown so he could examine my breasts. Asked me to lay back on the table....felt of my throat, stomach. lower abdomen. Then asked me to slide down on the table.....he placed me feet in stirrups. Turned a light on at the end of the table. Felt of my private. pubic hair and spread me open with his hand. Lubricated some kind of cold instrument and put it in my vagina. I felt something up inside of me. He removed the thing from inside of me. Lubricated his fingers and inserted them up in me. feeling around and pushing down on my pubic area. Removed he hand from inside of me. Told me I could set up and wipe the lubricant off of my private. Then asked me to stand up. turn around and lean over on the exam table on my elbows. The he lubricated something and inserted it in my rectum. spreading me open.. Removed it. and inserted his finger way of high in my rectum...

I was told to take my jeans and knickers off and lay on the table. Once I was on the table the nurse came back into the room and covered my waist/pelvis with a papery sheet. Then I put my feet into the stirrups and she told me to move ''forward'' whilst holding the sheet up and looking at my pelvic region. She then lifted the sheet up and pulled it above my thighs. She explained the procedure well and adjusted her lamp whilst getting some materials ready. She proceeded to inspect my external genitalia thoroughly, her method felt really precise, but slightly exposing, especially as she held open the labia minora and pulled my clitoral hood back. She also inspected my anus and informed me everything was looking normal. Then she did the internal exam and inserted the speculum, she took 2 samples, I felt a slight scratching sensation but all was fine, and it actually wasn't that painful. After removing the speculum she offered me a tissue to wipe away lubricant traces from genitals.

I filled out a medical history while in waiting room after checking in with receptionist. After returning history was called back to exam area where a nurse took my vitals and asked a few questions. I had to go to a bathroom to give a urine specimen and after exiting the bathroom the nurse escorted me to one of the several exam room. On entering the room there was a gyn exam table with padded foot holders extended . there was a pink paper exam gown folded on the table and a paper sheet on the exam table. The nurse told me to remove everything "head to toe" and put on the gown opening in front and have a seat at end of the table and cover my legs with the sheet. I did as told - the gown was more like a vest that cover only to my lower waist and the sheet ended up covering nothing but my thighs. After about 15 minutes the doctor entered the room followed by the nurse. The doctor briefly reviewed my history and stated he would be doing a through exam. He briefly checked by neck area and then had me lower my gown/vest to my waist and examined viewed my breasts, commenting that my right breast was larger than my left one. He then had me lie down and thoroughly examined each breast while I put my hands over my head-it took a little less than a minute for each breast area to be examined. He then examined my abdominal area for about 30-40 seconds-pushing down hard off and on. He then said to the nurse "we'll do an internal now. The nurse guided my feet into the padded holders and told me to "scoot down" to the end of the table. She has me move to a position where I was well over the edge of the table. My feet were in the holders which were a little less than a foot and a half from the end of the table a raised up about 6 inches and about 2 feet apart. I felt humiliated! while I was being positioned the doctor sat on a stool and pulled a cart with medical stuff on it over and turn on a bright light and the nurse arranged the sheet to cover my thighs and part of my knees-I could not see the doctor as I was lying flat with a pillow under my head. The doctor examined the outside of my vaginal area and spread my cheeks briefly-I had to bare down while he probed my vaginal at a couple points-then he told me he was going to insert a speculum. That pinched, was painful. The speculum was in for a couple minutes while he collected specimens. After that he did a vaginal exam for about a minute or so while pushing with his other hand on my lower abdomen-that was somewhat uncomfortable. Then he removed the vaginal exam glove and put on another glove and told me needed to do a vaginal-rectal exam to further confirm findings. He asked me to bare down and did the vagianl-rectal exam which took about 30 seconds. He said "You can sit up now" He said everything looked good and told me what he would prescribe and needed to see me in 6 months. the nurse handed me some tissues to clean up the ky jelly-I dressed and checked out

My mother made the appointment for me and informed me that I was going to have my first "Big Girl" exam. I remember being a little nervous when my mother and I went that day. When the Nurse called me in, we followed her down the hall to the scale and she asked me to step on it. While standing on the scale the Nurse asked me if I wanted my Mom present during my exam. As much as I wanted to act grown-up, I really did want her to go in with me, so I answered yes to her question. The Nurse then led us to the exam room and told me to sit on the exam table. She then took my vital signs and temp. Once she was finished she said "Your mom and I are going to step outside the door while you undress. "Now Alicia", "Everything has to come off including your bra and underpants, you can cover up with the sheet that's on the exam table. Once they stepped out I remember thinking "this is embarrassing". Once I undressed I wrapped the sheet around me for it was about the size of a beach towel. A minute later my mom and the nurse stepped back in. The nurse then said, that the Doctor would be in shortly, then she left the room. When the Doctor came in, I was very glad he was so nice. He explained that he knew this was my first time and he promised to be very gentle. True to his word he was. I'm not saying I wasn't embarrassed, but he made my first exam tolerable. He checked me all over and my mom held my hand during the pelvic exam. I have to admit that when I first had to put my feet in the stirrups and spread my legs open I welled up and shed a few tears. My mom was very comforting though, so this emotion passed quickly. My Doctor was so good at explaining everything, by the end of the exam I felt pretty comfortable with him. I still see this Doctor and would not think of changing. He is the best. Thank Goodness

Firstly he told me to put my legs in the stirrups.. then he guided my butt closer to the end of the table.. he then pushed back my gown to my bellybutton and brought over his light . he did the external exam first b4 putting his 2 fingers in .. I sort of teared when he pushed on my tummy while his fingers were inside .. it didn't hurt it just felt really uncomfortable .. luckily he said he did not need to do the speculum exam this time .. I was so relieved when I heard that .. he then lowered my legs and asked me to lie on my tummy .. he then changed his gloves and stuck his lubricated finger into my rectum .. it did hurt a little ..

My boyfriend enjoyed it more than me, and he didn't even see it. But he made me tell him every little detail when we got back home. He was aroused and we ended up having sex while I described what the doctor did to me. He had me spread my legs on the table and put feet in stirrups. He felt around my vagina and the outer and inner lips, putting a finger or two inside and just probing. It seemed to take forever. He put his finger on my pee hole and also examined my clitoris, which really made my boyfriend happy. He did the speculum exam (it was real cold), and I felt really wide open and exposed. After that I was surprised when he slipped a finger in my rectum because he didn't warn me about it. I had my vagina fingered by many guys before, so that was nothing new. But that was the first time anyone ever stuck a finger in my rectum, so it felt weird.

I had to lie on my back, put my feet in the stirrups. I had a speculum and vaginal exam and my abdomen palpated. The doctor then said he couldn't feel everything and he asked me to lean over the table so that he could 'just prod me gently in the bottom' to make sure everything was okay. This was very humiliating and embarrassing. He still wasn't happy after this was done, though, and he asked me to get up on my hands and knees on the table. He then asked me to rest on my elbows and to push my bottom into the air. It was very embarrassing because I was under a light. He then pushed his finger quite deeply into my bottom and felt around for a while. He asked me to take a deep breath so that he could insert a second finger which was a bit painful as he pushed really deeply into me. I felt very embarrassed about this, it was really the worst bit and he told me I would have to have these exams regularly as my uterus was retroverted. I was glad when it was all over, but felt humiliated for quite a while about it.

I went in, they asked for medical history and gave my a sheet to cover up with. After that the doc came in and was really friendly to me. She examined my breasts and pulled out the stirrups. She helped me get into me and she told me to spread my legs really far. She did speculum and bimanual and by that time I was sick of it and so embarrassed and just wanted to get out of the place. So right when she got her fingers out she told me that she was going to do the rectal exam but I refused. and they asked me what position I felt most comfortable in but I refused all of them and my mom ended up holding me down while I was on all 4s and the doc had a hard time getting her finger in my bum but she got it in and after she was done she told my mom I was fine and she gave me some suppositories for an infection I had.

It was at a local "health clinic." I was worried about being pregnant and was told that in order to receive a pregnancy test, I had to have a pelvic exam too. The nurse was not helpful and told me to get undressed. Then, she asked if I would allow medical students to observe - which I said "NO." They came in anyway and I was too embarrassed to say anything about it. When the dr. told me to lay back, I wasn't close enough to the edge of the table, so he stood up and wrapped his arms around my legs and pulled me hard and fast to the edge of the table. He then pushed my legs wide apart and put a bright lamp between my legs. Then, he has the 3 medical students (1 female and 2 males) come in for a "closer" look. He discussed my anatomy with them and pulled and poked at my lips and clit. Then, pushed a cold speculum into me and had each of the students look how he did it and also, each took their turn sitting on the stool looking at my cervix. At one point, my knees started to close and the dr. admonished me to keep them wide open. Then, he withdrew the speculum and rammed his fingers in me and allowed each of the 3 students to do likewise. My bottom was raw by the time I was finished at his office. Also, the doctor and each student used a lot of K-Y, and I was soaking wet - which let a big mess on the table. No one told me what was happening, they just yelled if my legs started to close.

I was told to undress and tie the robe in the back. At first, I sat up and the dr. examined me frontally. He then told me to lie down and scoot my hip area down to the edge of the exam table and place my feet in the stirrups. He examined it visually for a while and then applied a speculum (at least, he warmed it up somewhat beforehand) and spread my vaginal lips. He applied lubricant to his surgical glove and started the digital exam of my vagina, followed by him pressing down on my abdomen. Then, he inserted one finger each into my vagina and rectum at the same time. Afterwards, he removed one of his surgical gloves and instructed me to get up and bend over the side of the table. He put on a new surgical glove, reapplied more lubricant to it, spread apart my cheeks with his one hand and proceeded to insert his forefinger from the other hand into my rectum again. My mother had insisted on my being screened in this manner since colon cancer had occurred among her relatives. At the very end, he gave me a tissue to wipe my privates of all the lubricant he had used and this too I found somewhat embarrassing.

The nurse told me to undress and put on the gown and left the room. I was sitting on the table and the doctor came in, she was very unfriendly. She told me lie on my back and scoot down to the end of the table and put my feet in the stirrups. She had the nurse pull my knees apart, and she told me to relax while she put in the speculum or it would hurt more. She used a large one even though I was only 17 and it hurt like mad. After she was done with that, she rubbed a gob of KY on my vagina and pushed her fingers in. She was very rough, and she started asking me to describe my first sexual experience while she did the exam. At one point she asked if my boyfriend had a big penis or a small one. She pulled her fingers out, then said she needed to examine me further and plunged them in again. Then she told the nurse to get me on my hands and knees, and she put some KY on my anus and rubbed it in. She stuck two fingers in my rectum and probed for a long time, asking about my bowel movements and if I ever had anal sex. Once she was done she told me everything felt fine and not to worry about my periods, that they would eventually be normal.

I undressed and was given a sheet to cover myself with. I was instructed to sit on the exam table and the doctor would be right in and the nurse exited the room. After what seemed an eternity, the doctor came in and instructed me to put my feet in the stirrups. Being somewhat nervous, he assisted me by placing my feet into the cold metal stirrups and adjusting the knee rest. He then instructed me to drop my knees wide apart exposing my cat's opening. He then walked over donned a pair of gloves, lubricated his thick fingers and slipped them into my tight pink pussy. With his ungloved hand, he gently palpated my lower abdomen as he probed the inside of my pussy with the his fingers. As he pulled his fingers from my cat, he gently slipped one of the fingers into my bottom. When he completed the fingering, he rolled a stool to the end of the exam table. Turning on his gooseneck lamp he instructed me to scoot my bottom to the of the table closer to him. I complied with his instruction but felt somewhat embarrassed. He lubricated the speculum and slipped it into my already wet cat. I felt the somewhat uncomfortable pressure from the speculum and the procedure being performed. After the internal exam was complete, he took the time to educate me on the anatomy of the vagina taking an extra moment to point out my clitoris and telling me the number to nerve endings that converge in that one small area.

The room was super cold. The nurse took my medical history, vitals, etc. and told me to undress completely and cover with a sheet. My head was to a window in the back of the room, meaning my legs were facing the door. The doctor walked it and said "ready to go?" She pulled out the stirrups and had to help me scoot down to the edge of the table. She had long, thing fingers and used two. She felt deeper and deeper into me, wiggling and thrusting her fingers while pushing on my stomach. Then she explained about the speculum and inserted it (one of the old re-usable metal type) and opened it HUGE. The whole time she was using her fingers and then the speculum she kept brushing against my anus, making me shiver and my nips hard. I was so wet that she didn't even have to use KY on the speculum. I could feel my wetness down my legs. Afterwards, she took my legs down and told me to get dress. Then the nurse came back and said to schedule another appointment for a month later.

Pretty routine overall I guess .... typical physical exam procedures at first with the vaginal and rectal exams last. I started to get a little embarrassed when the doctor told me to lie back and scoot my rear end and hips down to the edge of the exam table and being told to place my feet in the stirrups. The metallic touch of the speculum was a little cold at first and it seemed like I was in that exposed position forever. Even with plenty of lubricant being used, I still experienced a little pain when the doctor pushed down on my abdomen and pushed his fingers deeply into my vagina. When that was done and I heard him take his surgical gloves off, I remember being relieved thinking it was now over. But then he told me to lie on my side with knees up and I heard him put on a new surgical glove and squeeze more lubricant on it. The rectal exam was more painful than the vaginal and I was so embarrassed when he performed it since everything could be seen by both him and my mother seated on a chair by the exam table. Finally though it was over and he instructed me to get dressed. I remember thinking on the drive back home with my mother that she should have explained things more to me but I didn't say anything.

I went into a small room at a teen clinic for a pelvic exam. The nurse told me to undress and gave me a paper gown to wear. He left the room, when he returned he did a breast exam, and then asked me to lay on my back and put my feet in the stirrups and slide my bottom to the edge of the table. He told me I would feel his fingers enter me, and I did. I could feel him spreading the lips and feeling the clitoris, and surrounding area, then he slid his fingers into me and felt my cervix, uterus and ovaries. He then did the speculum exam and the pap smear and it was a little uncomfortable. He then did a rectal and vaginal exam with one finger in my vagina and one in my anus. I was embarrassed because I was getting aroused. He then finished up and told me dress again. To this day the pelvic exam arouses me and I have developed a medical fetish because of it.

I was taken to the exam room and the nurse took my vitals, weight, a bit of heath history. I was then asked to take everything off and put on this short gown that was open in the back. I waited what seemed like forever for the Dr to come in. Finally he came in the room was very cold so my nipples were hard and my legs had goose bumps on them. He cam in shook my hand and pulled down my gown to examine my breasts, feeling them, pinching the nipples. He then had me lay down, and checked them again with my arms over my head. He pulled my gown up to cover me op again. He took my feet which were bare and put them in the stirrups and told me to scoot down to the bottom of the exam table so my but was hanging off. He put this light between my legs which was very warm. He pushed my legs apart they were so wide open. He touched my lips pulled apart my lips felt my pee hole and made my clit pop out and touched it. He told me to push down while one of his fingers were in me. He then put in the speculum. He then put 2 fingers in my vagina pushing on my ovaries. He then took out his fingers and put one in my vagina and one in my rectum. He told me to relax my rectum so he could get his finger in. My toes bent real hard when his finger was in my rectum it felt like I had to poop real bad. It was very uncomfortable I was trying to push his finger out and he told me to relax. That was it.

The doctor explained everything first and again as he went along so there wouldn't be any surprises. He examined my breasts first, which I actually enjoyed since it felt like a massage in a way. The speculum was cold, but otherwise didn't bother me. The bimanual exam didn't bother me either. My doctor was very gentle and nice to me. Other than being a little embarrassed, it went very well. When the exam was over we had a discussion about periods and birth control. I had very heavy periods and was sexually active so he recommended that I start birth control. He gave me 2 months of sample packs and a prescription. I was very pleased with the whole experience and looked forward to going back. I was glad I got a male doctor. I think I am much more comfortable with him than I would be with a woman touching me. I definitely hope I can keep going to the same doctor for a long time.

The nurse left the room after she told me to undress. I took off all my clothes and sat at the end of the table. When the doctor came in the nurse was with him. After he checked my breast sitting up he had me lay down and checked my breast that was as well. Then the nurse told me to slide to the end of the table. She grabbed my buttocks and moved me down herself. Then she removed the sheet that was over me and turned the light on. She spread me legs till it hurt and the doctor came over and did the exam. He the speculum hurt pretty good but he told me that was natural the first time and probably since I was tense. I noticed the nurse didn't do anything or say anything. She just stood there staring at my genitals. Because of her I wanted it to be over right away.

After arriving I had to wait with my mother in the waiting room. The nurse asked us to come in. She brought us to the exam room where the doctor was waiting. While the doctor spoke with my mother I had to undress myself. As I was used to visit the school doctor for my annual exam, I was used to undress myself, but having reached the age of 18 years, I was told that from now on the annual exam would also include u pelvic exam. Therefore I wasn't allowed to keep my knickers on. After having undressed myself, I had to urinate on a childish kind of chamber pot, which was placed in the centre of the exam room. After urinating my vital signs (length, weight etc.) were taken by the doctor. She also checked my eyes, ordered me to bend over for an exam of my spine, etc. The nurse noted all the results. Sitting on the exam table the doctor checked my blood pressure, took a blood sample, checked my reflexes, listened to my lungs and heart, felt my glands. Then she did a breast exam. She asked me to lay on my back and felt my abdomen. This was followed by an intensive exam of my external genitals. (From exams in the years before, I was used that she only lowered my knickers for a short look at my genitals.) Then she put on a glove for the bimanual internal exam. (I was glad my mother was present to hold my hand during this part of the exam.) After the bimanual the doctor used a speculum for the next part of the pelvic exam. After the pelvic exam the doctor did a rectal. Therefore I was asked to stand beside the exam table and bend over the table. Although the doctor is a friendly women, this part of the exam hurts. After the rectal I had to lay down again on the table, but now on my belly to have my temperature taken. The doctor placed the thermometer. Then she went with my mother to her desk where they discussed the results of the exam. In the meantime the nurse stayed with me. After the doctor and my mother ended their discussion, the doctor checked the temperature where after I was allowed to get dressed. I felt very relieved.


Result Summary for Survey:Your First Pelvic Exam

Here are some of the results of our recent survey


Result Summary for Survey:Your First Pelvic Exam
If you were examined by a male, how did you feel about it
I didn't care   32.9%
I was surprised it wasn't a female   15.0%
It made it more embarrassing   53.3%
I had requested a female but none was available   11.2%  
Were you examined by a male or female
Male 60.8%
Female 39.2%


Result Summary for Survey:Your First Pelvic Exam
How old were you when you had your first pelvic exam?
Under 12
19  5.6%
Over 20

Result Summary for Survey:Your First Pelvic Exam

Who accompanied you to your first pelvic exam?
I went by myself 46.8%
My mother went with me 32.5%
My father went with me 4.2%
My sister went with me 4.0%
My boyfriend went with me 7.1%
A girlfriend went with me 6.3%
My husband went with me 3.0%

Result Summary for Survey:Your First Pelvic Exam

How best describes your emotions that day
I was nervous 66.2%
I wasn't nervous 6.0%
I knew what to expect 12.0%
I had no idea what to expect 20.9%
I was scared 21.8%
I was worried about being exposed 29.1%
Result Summary for Survey:Your First Pelvic Exam

How did you feel about the doctor that was going to examine you?

Friendly with good bedside manner 42.7%
All business and very clinical 29.0%
Unfriendly with poor bedside manner 7.3%
Made me feel good about what was going to happen 22.8%
Made me more embarrassed and nervous 21.2% 

Result Summary for Survey:Your First Pelvic Exam

Did the doctor take time to explain things to you?
Yes   72.8%
No   27.2%

 Result Summary for Survey:Your First Pelvic Exam

What things did the doctor do?
A breast exam 78.9%
Felt my abdomen 76.1%
Felt my glands 57.4%
Listened to my lungs and heart 55.9%
Took my temperature 43.0%
Tested my reflexes 28.7%
Examined my external genitals 82.7%
Did a bimanual exam (two fingers in my vagina) 79.6%
Did a rectal exam 66.9%
Did a speculum exam 78.8%



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