Your First Gyn Exam




Your First Gynecologic Exam

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Most girls will start going for gynecological care when they are having any abnormal symptoms (such as vaginal discharge), if they have just started having sex (or are planning to start), or even if they haven't yet become sexually active but have reached the age of 18. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of exactly what is going to happen during the exam.

First off, you should make sure that you schedule your appointment during the middle of your menstrual cycle. If it gets too close to menstruation, the uterus will start to shed cells, which can interfere with the Pap smear results. If you feel that you may want someone to be in the exam room with her during the exam for support, you should ask what the doctor's policies are on this subject while making your appointment. Also during the scheduling, you should make it known that it is your first visit and exactly why you will be coming for the visit. Secondly, you should not put anything into your vagina for 2 days before the appointment, as this can cause an abnormal Pap smear. This means that you should not have intercourse, douche, or put dildos, tampons, or fingers into your vagina.

It is helpful for you to write down any specific questions, symptoms, or anything else you may be wondering about and take it to the exam. If considering birth control, you should think about your preferences before the visit. You will be asked about any current medications, so be sure to bring the bottles for any current medications and also any old medical records if uncertain about the details of any previous procedures. Also, waits at the doctor's office may be long, so if nervousness is going to be a problem, make sure to bring a good book or something else to do that can provide a distraction.

The nurse will take your medical history.

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Before the nurse takes you back to the examining room, she may ask you for a urine sample in order to diagnose urinary tract infections or pregnancy. Even if a sample is not requested, it is a good idea to empty the bladder to aid in avoiding feelings of discomfort during the exam. Once back in the exam room (which will be set up with a tray for the various tests), you will have to give your medical history. You will be asked about such issues as family history of cancer of the female reproductive organs, past operations or hospitalizations, and any medications that you may be using.

The doctor and nurse will now leave the room so you can get undressed. You will either put on a hospital gown (maybe 2 if you want to cover your back) or you will be given a paper top with a sheet covering your bottom half. After you are finished covering up, you should sit on the exam table and wait for the doctor to come back.

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